When you go to the settings section, you will be able to fully customize the bot's functionality for you.

Profile: This option will help you to configure main parameters export your wallet private key that grants full control over your wallet(This sensitive information should never be shared with strangers).

AutoBuy: This option will help you buy tokens in the fastest way possible, just by inserting the corresponding address of the token you need into the chat with the bot in Telegram.

Swap platforms: option will help you choose a priority platform for swapping tokens (if the platform you choose is not available at the time of the transaction, then the bot will automatically use another one).

Slippage: how much more/less tokens you'll receive from a trade due to price volatility.

Example of slippage: Suppose you want to buy $rock at a price of US$100.00. You place your order, but when it is confirmed, you realize that it was filled at a higher price of US$105.00. This scenario is an example of negative slippage because you bought at a higher price than you wanted, which reduces your overall buying power. Conversely, positive slippage occurs when you place a buy order at US$100.00, but the order is confirmed at US$95.00. Thus, the lower price increases your buying power.

Smart-mev protection: Enable this feature to protect yourself from multi-layered MEV bot attacks and save on gas fees in case of a failed transaction.

Priority Fee: This is the additional fee made to have your transaction completed faster. This fee is better known as a tip.

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